About me

Hi there, I am pleased to meet you here. I have always wanted to create this website but I keep finding the best excuses to not do so. I am making this website only for fun and to have something to do whenever I am bored. The ideas and themes found in this website are all inspired by the old web and the amazing creators out there in Neocities.


Some information about me:

  • I am type 1 diabetic, who is surfing daily my way out.
  • I am practitioner muslim, I am not perfect but I am doing my best.
  • I love programming. I chose to get computer science degree after I was convinced that I can build my own AI friend (who's called Jarvis for reasons not related to Iron Man).
  • I used to draw and sell my drawings at cons when I was in college but stopped because I can't find myself in drawing anymore.
  • I am socially anxious and hypersensitive person, and I sometimes get too angry when strangers try to be too friendly with me (I have trust issues bare with me).


Pages to create (brainstorming):

  • Welcome to the Velvet Room
  • Music playlist
  • Jarvis the static AI
  • blog includes my journal and fun life events
  • Page for other neocities creators (buttons?)