"I love you"| April 26, 2021

I keep hearing this phrase repeating inside of my head, at random times, by the same voice that I can't grasp its owner. I can't tell when I started to hear this voice, or for what occasion I keep hearting it. It sometimes feels so empty and shallow, as if it was the voices of ghosts from the past. Hunting my heart and mind, with no hints or traces of belongings I can follow to discover the truth. It exists, and that's all I know.


What should I do | March 19, 2021

I sometimes think about the many possibilites that I can be, or the things I can do, or the names I could be having. It overwhelms me, this world overwhelms me. It is filled with information to look for, with things to do, with people to meet, with music to hear and images to observe. I am tired of deciding, and tired of choosing, I just want to do what I can do.